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Allow my 20 year journey (with steps laid out) in building 5 non-profit programs to guide and inspire the you to fulfill the vision inside of you.

What is NonProfit Success?

Non profit success is the brainchild of Dawn L. Murray is currently both the book and live webinar training to show you how to start your own successful nonprofit.

The Story / The Journey of Success

The Blueprint for Non-Profit Success

Be Encouraged.  Be Inspired.  Be Informed.

I invite you to read my story to discover: 

How to remain calm, encouraged, and steadfast, while waiting for your vision to manifest… 

How to understand the road ahead of you and find the right kinds of people to walk alongside you…

How to affirm the vision…knowing it will come to pass…

and much more (including checklists for each major area of your journey) so you will learn from my mistakes and my victories.  

If you desire to bring your vision of helping others into reality, this book and this website were created  to give you insights for the heart, soul, and mind.  

Get coaching, guides, and live training 

I struggled early on to find the right steps or even the right person to follow.  This was not from lack of desire.  Unfortunately, I could not find a step-by-step blueprint for starting a nonprofit or even someone who would teach me.   

After 20 years starting and growing a successful non-profit business that has transformed the lives of young families for two decades, my next mission is to become a guide for others.  

Join me on for free and paid training resources along with personal step-by-step consultations available.  


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